NCAA College Football: How to Make Sure You Never Miss Anything in The Bowl Season

The Cure Bowl has opened the floor for things. With Tulane running out clear winners over LA Lafayette, the week was just starting to get interesting.

Then, we saw Utah State come out winners of the New Mexico Bowl and GA Southern rewarded with a hard-fought victory in the Camelia Bowl.

That is just some of the action though. So that you don’t miss any game in this bowl season, here are the updates and every other thing you need to know.

Upcoming Game Schedule

In the table below, you will find the next ten games, the bowl category they belong to and when they will be happening.

Bowl Home Team Away Team Time
Boca Raton Northern IL UAB Wed, 19/12
Miami Beach Ohio San Diego St Thur, 20/12
Gaspanilla South Florida Marshall Fri, 21/12
Bahamas Toledo FIU Fri, 21/12
Famous Idaho Potato BYU Western MI Fri, 21/12
Birmingham Wake Forest Memphis Sat, 22/12
Armed Forces Army Houston Sat, 22/12
Dollar General Troy Buffalo Sun, 23/12
Hawaii Hawaii LA Tech Sun, 23/12
First Responder Boise Boston College Wed, 26/12

None of the games here are walkovers. If anything we have seen so far is an indicator, just about any team has a chance of spinning the game on its head. We believe that’s what makes the bowls for this year an interesting watch.

Possible Viewing Problems and Fixes

In as much as you might want to see the bowls, there are certain things that could come up to make to mar your experience. We will list the common ones here and also give you the best fix for them. how about that?

  • Cable TV problems

The biggest problem that may have with cable TV is the cost of it. Imagine paying that much just because you want to keep watching college football.

Besides, there is also the issue of game blackouts that happen when the games are being played in your locale. Even if you have an active subscription, you will only be able to get the game several hours after it has been played.

Solution: The best fix for this is to dump cable totally. In its stead, you can live stream college football with many supported apps and platforms such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, etc.

That saves you all that costs and gives you access to just what you want to see.

  • Censorship

College football content is not distributed to other regions of the world besides the US. Even if you were to grab any of the streaming platforms above, you still won’t be able to get access to the action due to the geo-blocking technology around the content.

That would mar the experience for those living/ travelling outside the US at the time of the games

Solution: A VPN is your best bet in this case. With one, you can connect to a US server location. That will give you access to anything being distributed from inside the US since your IP address will show up like you were in the States.

Thus, you can enjoy live stream with the supported apps above like you were in the US – only if you had a VPN, that is.

  • Game Blackouts

Even if you are in the US, and had access to the content naturally, game blackouts will remain a common problem. These are tactics used by the show promoters to get more people to the stadium, but you can get out of it.

Solution: Connect to a server location outside of the blackout region with your VPN. That allows you stream the same college football content from other US server locations where the blackouts have not been imposed.